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Phone Sketches - Fox Village and Mouthy Bunny
"If you look left you'll see a girl having a rather... Dramatic allergic reaction to visiting a whole island full of foxes. A single animal would bring on minor sniffles, but hundreds were simply more than her body could take.
"While on your right, a poor girl learns why you don't mouth off about the inferior mixed-breed bunnies a pet store stocks, while a devious fairy might be listening. Fortunately she can now help add some more... Pure-blooded litters.

Woo now I can draw, stream and voice chat at the same time from my phone. I don't have to take a tablet PC travelling for casual streaming =3  (The apps used were Ibis paint, Bitstream, and discord, on a Note 8. Note that you can only output audio to discord OR the stream, not both, and the phone can't reliably handle a higher bitrate at 720p)

It'd be nice if I could export the pics more easily but whatever, screenshots will do =)
Becumming #6
A red blooded male learns some new tricks as a pink and ditzy golden retriever

Help is always just out of reach as he grows ever more dominated by his horny imagination and unwitting ex. A 30+ page comic that leans hard on flipbook style 'animation' to show him bursting into womanhood while shrinking into submission =] Plus 18 pages of bonus TF

You can find previous issues here
#1 (FurAffinity Only, it's call "Sallem")
Caption Contest Winners
(Note for DeviantArt: The new policy on sexual themes seems to have done away with the ‘don’t link to porn sites’ rule, so I’m going to include explicit captions here. These sites all have age gates and warnings anyway. If the mods take issue with it, I’ll remove those links.)

The contest got 30 entries, holy shit. Here’s what I liked the most:

Hottest caption! I almost went with the next entry, but that tense middle section where she tries to resist losing herself to feral behaviour, it was just too good to pass up.

Best job of mixing the gradual mind and body change into the story. The tension as they keep rewriting their own memories is hot.…
Best trigger, love the creativity and the innocent way she gets turned into a kinky fox.…
Best short and sweet descriptions. Amusingly this was a joke entry for the sake of a pun, but I got them to expand on it  =3…
Best dramatic irony: (Spoilers!) The pimp unwittingly turning himself into the most enthused brothel girl, with a backfired scheme, is really hot. Most improved too, zeitgeist1234 returned twice to flesh this one out into something great.

A gradual reality change TF that sees her deliciously confused…
An established caption writer who went well out of their comfort zone with new ideas……  (EXPLICIT)
A fun TF process that they updated to include mind changes…… (EXPLICIT)
A tense TF as the victim keeps digging (her)self deeper… (EXPLICIT)
The most popular entry from a non-established writer

A night of experimentation gets taken too far
(Btw, check out their excellent inanimate caption:… )… (EXPLICIT)
Intrusive dreams become their new reality…
The first contest entry, about the morning after………
The process of Zeitgeist developing their caption to almost win the contest…
A very descriptive Monster Hunter caption…
A spell gone wrong continues to spiral out of control…  (EXPLICIT)
Forgetting yourself for the stage
Descriptive story of a guy becoming a proper maid…
Be careful with online ads… (EXPLICIT)
Sleeping around in the mafia gets him sleeping with the doggies

Her new maid job becomes her life… (EXPLICIT)
An actor has to rapidly adjust to become a star… (EXPLICIT)
A couple experiments with magic role reversal…
French chocolate’s the secret to french maids…
A very... Ambitious version of the VRchat MMO, where forced avatar changes exist
(Also check out their excellent bunny TF here… )…
Well what did you expect putting pink hair ribbons in!… (EXPLICIT)
A misunderstanding involving a vindictive witch girlfriend… (EXPLICIT)
A curious womanizer gets a taste of the other side… (EXPLICIT)
A devoted wife tries to dip her toe into furry, but falls in

Of course everyone likes different things about TF, so any ‘best of’ list will be subjective. I’d encourage everyone to make their own TF captions, there are lots of artists ok with their pictures being used!…

Whew, that took a while. About 8 hours setting up and judging the contest, and 14 hours critiquing everyone’s entries. And the dozen last minute FurAffinity entries were amusing, if daunting. Next time I’ll probably allow a variety of pictures from several artists, since 30 peach foxes gets a bit old. I was worried that too much freedom would be paralyzing for entrants, since limits tend to breed creativity- but lack of engagement was not a problem here  =)

Mature Content

TF Caption Contest
EDIT: Folks it doesn't have to be readable on a smart watch! If you can come up with more TF goodness, cram it in =)

The hottest TF caption wins! Make an image caption for these and submit it somewhere public; preferably your own DA/FA/Tumblr gallery, but if need be you could use say e621 or reddit etc. Then send me a link via note, before the deadline of Sunday the 18th. (Heads up: You're not allowed to post or link sex on DeviantArt, so avoid anything explicit.)

I'll paypal the winner $50. Judging's pretty arbitrary, just whatever I find hottest =P  Preferably the text should be edited onto the image when you submit it, like a normal TG caption, but it's not a rule.

If you're looking for ideas (or just hot TG), check these out =3
TG Hypno: by /u/Candolita
Furry TG Hypno:…
TG reality change:… from…
TG cartoon logic:…
TF reality change:…
TF accidental:…  (If only it went a little further...)
TG unwilling but oblivious:…

Longer ones:
TG slow mind change:…
TG slow and oblivious:…
TG digging himself deeper:…

Try not to write a novel, but again, hotness comes first. As for what not to do: 90% of TG captions feature the instigator gloating over TGing the victim, which is such a turnoff. How about TF triggers that are secret, or accidental, with no malice? Maybe the victim just made a mistake? And it's always delightful when they're unrecognizable after and completely stuck- maybe reality changes so that no one else remembers who they were? =]

Have fun with it. Mainly I want people making TF captions, which are such an unfortunate rarity! TG caps are great, TF stories are great, why is no one combining them? I checked with a few furry artists who gave permission for their art to be captioned- myself included- So there's lots of opportunity. Go nuts!…
Peach Fox TG
She's not intentionally showing off, she's just in shock and exploring some unwanted growth resulting from a poor decision He made a few moments ago. The tail and lingerie are new too, but it's this biggest change that she's having trouble wrapping her head around- Or, hands for that matter. The aghast look on her face might be from worrying over her new curves in the mirror, or perhaps from someone walking in on her at such an embarrassing, vulnerable moment...

Yeah sorry for the cliffhanger, haven't finished writing the story yet heh. Anyway, this test image was made without any inking, any manual linework whatsoever. The lines are generated from the colors, which I do right after the sketch. You can see more here
Hopefully with some practice, this method will let me color much faster in the future; 11 hours to make each comic panel is just too much. That and normal inking/flats work is such a pain, best to be rid of it =)
It's much too soon to be making any real announcements, but briefly: I put in a few months of R&D and got to here…  
You can see a breakdown of the effort on my twitter

Again, it's too early to be making promises. But this algorithm, if it works in full, would take a solid chunk out of the uncanny valley and make some truly amazing porn (not to mention character animation!). In its current state it'd already be great for boobs and butts, but we can do better, I know it!
Unfortunately it's going to be quite a few months yet before we'll have anything solid. And right now I have to stop and draw a pay comic or two.

Also believe it or not the majority of my time in 2016 went towards TF stuff, I just haven't finished much of it heh. 2016, the year of WIP


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