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Drunk Stream by bendzz
Drunk Stream
Heh, not sure how drunk I am. Who wants some free but terrible illustration, until I fall asleep?…

PS: Might finish up a podcast I've been looking forward to called "Dungeons and Doritoes". A bunch of hilarious people play DnD and in the last episode, to my excited surprise, they all got TG'd! We would be listening to the sequel, episode #5 here…  Lemme know if you're down.

PPS: I'm using a microphone.
Experimental Stream by bendzz
Experimental Stream
Trying out a new method of animation combining Photoshop and Blender 3D. Expect lots of pausing for planning and script/macro writing, as well as some horrifying animation glitches

Also streaming from my power computer since Photoshop wants 10GB of RAM, which means you get 22fps stream =D…
Becumming [TF/TG/Inanimate] Comic Release by bendzz
Becumming [TF/TG/Inanimate] Comic Release…

I made this collection to Kickstart the TF video game I demoed recently. This is an all or nothing gamble.

There's something in here for everyone I think. About 272 hours on the main comic, plus 26 pages of content I've been saving since I came back. 

Fingers crossed that this pays off. Sorry it took an extra week, I'll post a timesheet breakdown later (and a proper cover page haha). Big thanks to Naomi, Sallem and Especially Biohazardry for hanging on and being a huge help. As for everyone who buys the comic, have fun! I gave it my all.

Game video: TFGame V0 Let's Play
Game download:
Becumming Teaser #2 by bendzz
Becumming Teaser #2
Rubber dogs get fleas too =)

Sorry about all the delays, trust me when I say every extra day is making it much more appealing. Shouldn't be too many more. I cropped one of the panels to show you character #2, who gets inanimate TFTG'd.

Character #3 will be a surprise. Did I mention the pay comic comes with a stack of bonus unreleased sketches?
Well this little box is neat =)
Anyway just finishing up the comic, we keep going back and forth on amount of text to use and color composition. The little details that could make or break it.
I'm bummed too =(


My stuff's been called tasteless by a furry. 'Nuff said.

Here are other accounts I submit TF (transformation) art to. All are free to use.

The Process:… Forum for TF art finds. Requires membership.
FurAffinity:… Like DeviantArt but with no porn restrictions. Anthro oriented.
Transfur:… TF website with restrictions on who can submit art. SHUTTING DOWN. The archives will be up for a short time. CHECK IT OUT BEFORE IT GOES. I'm new here, but it looks like a FurAffinity clone. Good stuff.

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